Personal Asset protection

We have teamed up with a leading asset protection company who provide access to free, impartial advice on a range of essential financial products designed to protect you and your family from financial risk. Below are just some of the products that are highly recommended and for which we can offer access to free professional advice:-

  • Inheritance tax planning – Every year billions of pounds of inheritance tax are paid over to the tax man unnecessarily. Many people believe this is a tax exclusively for the wealthy, but many ordinary people are hit with IHT, and in most cases this is entirely avoidable with some careful planning.
  • Trusts – These include life insurance, property, family possessions and business trusts and are designed to protect or ring fence your assets. This in turn protects your assets from the tax man, and ensures any money is passed quickly to its intended beneficiaries
  • Will writing – if you don’t have a will you are leaving yourself and your family open to potential uncertainty, this can cause difficulties for you and whom you are about most. Because of this, everyone should have a will. Wills are used for various reasons, to pass individual items of sentimental value to a relative, to leave a specific amount of money to a close friend or to support a good cause or charity.
  • Mortgage protection – A mortgage life insurance is a plan that provides you with a lump sum to clear your outstanding mortgage balance should you die or suffer a critical illness such as a heart attack, stroke or cancer during the term of the loan. This would give you peace of mind knowing that your home would be debt free for the benefit of you and your loved ones, whether you are named on the mortgage or not.
  • Income protection – This provides you with an income if you were off work due to an accident, sickness or disability. This means your lifestyle can be maintained and your bills would be paid whilst you recover stress free.
  • Critical illness cover – Provides you with a lump sum should you suffer a serious illness such as a heart attack, stroke or cancer during the term of the policy. This means you would have the financial stability to adapt to any necessary changes in your lifestyle if you were to suffer a serious illness.
  • Family protection – whilst life insurance typically provides a lump sum pay out, with family protection insurance you can choose to receive a regular tax free income instead of just a lump sum which keeps the monthly premiums down.
  • Business succession planning – As a business owner, you may be a sole trader or a director or partner of a larger firm that employs staff. In any event, there will almost certainly be a need to protect the business if a key person or a director or partner should die, suffer a critical illness or be off work through long term sickness. Business succession planning helps to determine who the company would be passed to or who would benefit from your share of the company after your death.

If these products would be of interest and you would like a free consultation of around 30 minutes, please get in touch and I will pass your details on.

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